Monday, 12 March 2012

Being unglued.

Remember my last blog post? My blog post about our squad joining the NCC or National Cheerleading Championship. Yes.

I am telling you guys, the days are getting over. NCC is so fast approaching, like seriously. I can't believe we're getting there. And yes, we're almost HALFWAY THERE. I can feel it. And that thanks to God. A big big big thanks to God. Oh! At the same time, we're being unglued this time already. I mean since the last week of February and first week of March.

I still can't believe that three days left and we're off to Manila already, not for a vacation, of course. But to compete with some other schools around the Philippines. And that adds up to my nervousness. Three days left before we'll leave and then five days away from now before the day that we've been waiting for. Yes! We just can't wait to end this NCC and we can almost smell freedom. But for my fellow squad members who are undergrads, sorry! You still have to study for your final exams. That's okay, we know you guys can do it! :)

To tell you honestly, this is my first time to join this kind of sports. I never expected or even imagined myself joining squad. Even though I used to have bruises every where on my body, I still tend to manage to do the stunts or routine. And in that case, we're already used to it. And bruises are just small things for us. Nothing really big deal. Seriously. You know that I never had any experience joining any pep squad in our school. Just a great timing and great opportunity that God gave to me. Since it's my last year in High School, I know that He gave this wonderful opportunity to me. Stepping out of your comfort zone is such a great feeling. Experiencing new things and discovering new things. That's what I like about my journey in my life. :)

But anyway...

I feel that I'm blessed already, I mean too much. Thank you God. :>

Tomorrow is the day (03/13) that we will present our routine to our fellow schoolmates and teachers in our school. We've worked hard on this and I know we can do this! All is Well, isn't it? God is always there. Nothing is impossible when you pray to God and just trust Him. That's all. And I do really hope that we will be able to impress our fellow schoolmates tomorrow by showing our breath-taking routines. I know God will guide us in performing our routines tomorrow. Just please? :)

I hope a lot of Dameans will cheer and support for us. We need it for our motivation. I know they will include us in their prayers/personal prayers. We badly need your support guys and also PRAYERS. Pray and ask God to let us be in any rank in 10 participants out of 18. Wow, I know. A LOT of participants are joining. Forgot to mention, 18 High School Pep Squads. Ahuh! Hahahaha.

I know God and NDDU-IBED Family will surely support us, pray for us and especially will cheer for us.We just have to do what we should do and God will do the rest. :)

Teaser. Hahaha. Tadaaaaa! Our new costume. Because of our new costume, I need to start to diet already. Seriously. :)

To my fellow friends out there who are reading this, please include us also in your prayers. Remember, we are not only bringing NDDU-IBED's name but we're bringing also Gensan's pride. So I know you'll support for us. Please include NDDU College's Sarimanok Pep Squad also to your prayers. Thank you so much guys. That means a lot for me/us. God bless you!!!!!! :D

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