Tuesday, 16 April 2013

For the second time

Hi. I'm back with blogging, yes, because it's summer. Sorry for the hiatus, I was just too busy and you can now consider that I forgot my blog site. ;)

Anyway, can you guys still remember the last time that Kingfishers Pep Squad compete for Summerkadahan Cheerdance Competition? Yes, it was last year. And this year, KPS would not miss the chance of joining the said competition, KPS would love to compete with different team and most important thing, KPS would still defend the title of being champion last year's competition.

All those things actually happened in just one day that we didn't expect. Last April 11, 2013 at Lagao Gymnasium was the opening for SummerKadahan 2013. SummerKadahan is actually a summer sports clinic for both Junior and Senior and every barangay in GenSan has representative. Just like last year, they added the sports Cheer dance in their program. We, KPS for the first time joined and represent Barangay Lagao, we represent Brngy. Lagao because our school is located at Lagao. Yeah.

Last year's cheerdance competition, to recall, we were nervous and at the same time we were quite excited because we would just love to dance and present our routine. We love our routine that's why we couldn't wait to present already. We were actually nervous because it was our first time, because of the teams who competed and also for our routine. And if you'd love to watch our routine last year, then here it is;

The first ever batch ♥
How I miss my fellow batch-squad-mates and how I miss performing with them. And this routine also, I miss it already. We actually love our routine not just because we did it with teamwork and cooperation but also because the routine was level 6. The most difficult stunt level in cheerdance.
Now, this year, KPS was back and competed again to defend its title in SummerKadahan Cheerdance Competition 2013. This year is quite tough because the batch is too skillful unlike last year. But one thing's for sure that the first batch and second batch has a common, and it's team work. 
I am pretty sure that you would love to watch this year's dance and routine for the competition and here you go;

The second batch with some of the members of first batch ♥
Yes, just like last year, we were able to defend the title of Kingfishers Pep Squad during SummerKadahan Cheerdance Competition. And it was so unexpected and we all fell down on our knees because of the joy and happiness we felt. We didn't actually expect that we would still defend the title, it's because of the mentioned teams to compete in the competition. But positive always gets higher than negative, so what does it mean? ;)
I know some of you were wondering why am I still part of the game. Yes, I joined the squad to compete. SummerKadahan is one of the best memories I've had with the first batch. So I didn't want to lose the chance of joining it again and also would like to have another memories again. It actually happened, all thanks to my parents for allowing me to join the squad after my fifth attempt of asking permission. I know I'm hard-headed. Haha!
There is something in this batch that I couldn't tell. They're all accommodating, fun to be with, they have teamwork, they have bonding, they have coordination and most important thing is they have this foundation of friendship. I had a great time with them during practices. It was such a little sweet bonding with the second batch but still I enjoyed their company. They didn't let me feel that I'm older than them and it's actually nice. I wanna thank all of YOU guys for the sweet company, bonding and friendship. I wouldn't totally forget you guys. :)
Thank you also to Sir Jerome and ate Mhyca for giving me another opportunity to be a part of the squad to compete for SummerKadahan 2013. Last year was the best and still the best this year. 

All these photos were taken from Janel Cacuyog. Thanks to her! :)

This is actually taken from my IG account.

Congratulations Kingfishers Pep Squad! I know there are a lot of trials and hardships you guys had but in the end, you still end up being as one family. We, alumnae, are very proud of the squad. Not only us, but everyone is proud for you guys. I know there are some haters out there, but continue doing what's right and continue doing what we are doing. God's with us and I know all of us were born and raised HUMBLE. They actually helps us to fly high even higher than they could imagine. To God be the Glory! God bless KPS! ♥ :)

I love you guys from the bottom of my hypothalamus. ♥ 

Kikay xo

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