Sunday, 10 June 2012

I can almost feel it

I can almost feel that Summer is over. I have only 2 days left to enjoy my Summer. No I'm not feeling mixed emotions because first, I had a great summer to sum it all up. Second, this summer was one of the best Summer I've ever had. :)

To summarize why I had the best Summer--
Actually, first the thing that happened last April 14 where we were announced as the Champion for Summerkadahan Cheerdance Competition 2012. What a great way to start off the summer. Second, been on a beach hopping and cliff diving with my beloved friends and that was I really wanted to do. I mean first thing to do in my Summer, and yes! I did it. Third, got to spend time with my beloved family and I was so happy about it. You know, despite of my busy career because of cheerleading thing. Fourth, finally got to meet again my relatives on father's side. We attended the wedding of my cousin. Such a great blessing for her. Fifth, another beach hopping with my cousin and sister. I fell in love with that place! It was so nice to be there. I think that's the last thing happened to my Summer. ;)

Now, I can really almost feel it. Like seriously. Summer's almost over. It's totally fine! Like super duper. It's not that I'm saying I'm ready for College. It's just that, let me experience College Life already! Hahahaha. Not that I'm excited. ;)

I'm willing to accept every challenges that I'll bear during my College Life. I'm quite ready to face the new responsibilities as a College student. I just wanna take it to the next level, like this- College Life. And I'm willing to be humble enough and independent enough because I need to, not because it's part of a College student's obligation. :)

I just can't wait to meet new friends, new teachers and just have new environment. This is going to be challenging at the same time, fun. I guess? :)

So yeah. Hihi

Btw, I'm taking up BS Psychology for my College. Good luck to me! :)


Kikay xo

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